kay bradner

updated July 2017

I am captivated by the unique personalities of creatures, human and otherwise, also by how, at each moment in time, they are held in space defined, physically and emotionally, by what is around them. My life as a painter is sweet. My days are long and quiet. It is part of my work to walk on the beach, play with children and look at the sky at dawn. I collect moments of clarity when the world suddenly has an eerie symmetry, beautiful enough to stop my breath or funny enough to make me laugh. I try to remember those moments by drawing them or photographing them. Everything in the initial spark for a painting is subject to change when I do a painting. A rower in black water finds himself gliding into orange light, green leaves become flat yellow flakes, and a boy on a beach on the East Coast is transported to California. I call it editing nature but it is more of a finding of an alternative reality.

"Beach and Dogs"

July 16 to September 15, 2017

Sue Greenwood Fine Art

Laguna Beach